Ben & Sally Tackett: A Lifestyle Session

I just love lifestyle sessions! Ben and Sally Tackett were chosen to be featured in this home lifestyle session and I'm so excited to share some of their session with you!

If you've never considered a lifestyle session before, you'd be surprised at how laid back and easy-going these sessions are! Husbands and dads usually breathe a sigh of relief when they realize it's not two hours straight of posing and smiling. Wives and moms get to show their home off as it is--even if it's messy! Life is long and life is short. These hours turn into days and into weeks, months, years and pass so quickly! You may not realize how much you miss the mess and the toys everywhere and simple routine until it's gone. Lifestyle sessions show your day-to-day life. Life in its raw form can be beautiful and memorable! Ben and Sally, thank you for sharing a day in your lives with me! You have a beautiful home and marriage!